Experimental Physicist and Spintronics Researcher


My research is currently focused on developing InSb-based spintronics devices for quantum computing applications.

Research Projects

Advanced Technology Institute (2018-present):

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Surrey working within the Photonics and Quantum Sciences group at the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI). The ATI is a multi-disciplinary research facility combining the expertise of physicists, engineers, materials scientists, biologists and chemists.

My project is investigating the initialization of spin states in InSb qubits through the use of quantum point contacts.

Centre for Integrated Photonics (2017):

During my master’s degree I had the opportunity to carry out research for my dissertation as part of a 9 month internship at the Centre for Integrated Photonics (now part of Huawei Technologies Research & Development (UK)). The company’s research focused on semiconductor-based Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for telecommunications. The project I was assigned to involved optimization and development of high-speed Electroabsorption Modulated Lasers. These are a type of PIC consisting of a Distributed Feedback Laser followed by an Electroabsorption Modulator. My work involved measurement of both the DC and high-speed characteristics of these devices as well as the modelling and analysis of eye diagrams. I investigated the physical cause of various saturation modes in measured eye diagrams as well as developing a Matlab program to quantify the amount of saturation.